Who we are ?


Iolas is a team of technical enthusiasts who can help you design and develop your test equipment software. Whether you need test benches, automated measurements, in production or in the laboratory, for the development and validation of your products, we can help you define the software for your measurement and test equipment.


Offer our expertise and services to innovators so they can focus on the challenges in their line of work.


  • We offer our services and software solutions in France and abroad for innovators
  • We value teamwork, sharing with colleagues, horizontal decision making and honesty
  • We believe in achieving greater success through a healthy work environment
  • We are proud of our strong knowledge of Embedded, TestStand and Actor Framework gained over years of working on innovative projects
  • We are a certified training centre (QUALIOPI) for our own LabVIEW CompactRIO, DIAdem and TestStand courses
  • We encourage sharing and learning with and from others to mutually improve our engineering skills



We are properly trained to fulfill the missions entrusted to us and carry them out in a professional manner.


We do not lie and we remain sincere. This is essential for engineering work.


Always learning and researching new technologies and processes. Take an interest in the professions and constraints of our customers to deliver them with an adapted service.


To propose innovative solutions to the challenges we face.


Together, we go further! We also put in place the dynamics allowing the sharing of tasks and information necessary for success.

Well-being at work

With a healthy work environment, greater goals can be achieved. Through horizontality, listening and sharing, we create the ideal conditions for success.


Software Architecture

For a new project, or a takeover of an existing one, call our engineers to analyse your needs and benefit from a technical insight.


Customized trainings for your team by engineers who use LabVIEW and TestStand on a daily basis.

Software Development

On a flat-rate basis, on an Agile model, or on a time-spent basis, according to your specifications, we offer to develop your automated measurement applications and software.


Periodic code reviews, ad hoc developments to improve your framework, thinking about the best way to integrate new features, let us accompany you on your test benches’s life-cycle.


Logo TestStand


Test sequencer edited by NI, it is the orchestrator of your test sequences. With native test result collection mechanisms, database recording capabilities, and the ability to process units under test in batch or parallel, it builds your test software on a proven and robust foundation, allowing you to focus on your business needs.


A graphical programming environment published by NI, it addresses application development for Windows, real-time and FPGA targets proposed by NI.


A real-time application to be configured, VeriStand targets hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing needs. The tool allows you to emulate all or part of the environment of your unit under test, with deterministic constraints on stimulus generation and response acquisition.


Data management software for aggregation, inspection, analysis and reporting of measurement data. It incorporates many functions to process your informations.